Fishing trips and boat charters are a wonderful way to getaway from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, enjoy the outdoors, and make memories. NJ Bass Fishing Tours and Boat Charters has a custom tailored experience waiting for you. Whether you are a seasoned fisherman from out of town or just looking for something new to do, and places to explore, we have the experience for you.


For the seasoned angler, allow us to guide you in and around the lakes of the Central New Jersey and the Delaware River Basin.

In general we fish for the following species:

Spring Migratory run (usually late March to mid to late May): Striped bass up to 40 pounds as well as American Shad.

All Season (late March through November): Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Catfish: including Bullheads, Blue, Channel and occasionally a massive Flathead, White and Yellow Perch.

Bring the family and learn to fish together. There are few better ways to spend quality time together as a family than fishing. It also teaches kids self-confidence—they are so proud of the fish they caught! They learn about teamwork. Kids usually work together and help each other. Another benefit is that it’s a not only healthy for the body but the soul as well as fishing creates a passion for conservation.


Fishing is a fun and family-friendly way to get your kids unglued from their electronics and get them outside. You’ll see the different in your child after only a few hours out on the water with our kid-friendly fishing spots on the lakes of Central New Jersey.

There’s no shortage of angling or bank side exploration opportunities on the lakes of New Jersey. Our beginners fishing experience is an excellent way for you and or your children to get their feet wet in the sport of fishing, while we give insight and provide hands on instruction for casting and catching techniques.

Being out on the water will do wonders for your child’s spirit. Our trips are sure to create plenty of fish tales for your family to share.